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Panania Child Care

Explorers Room (0-2 years)

Our focus it to provide a sense of belonging to help give each child the security and confidence to explore their world and reach their full potential. It’s through this sense of belonging our children build identity, wellbeing and the ability to learn.

We believe the rhythm of the day is an intricate part of a child’s day and reflects each and every child’s development, needs, interests and strengths. We thrive to ensure every child’s individual home routine is carried out throughout the day to ensure we best met our family’s needs.

Our focus is on providing a secure and loving relationships between educators, children and families.

Our quality program’s focus is on family’s goals and input, educators’ goals and quality intention teaching strategies which prepares the children for future learning and development. We also focus on close consultation with families which builds the basis for individual planning and future growth.

 Through regular observation educators become aware of each child’s interest and stage of development. Using this knowledge educators are able to provide appropriate experienced to further stimulate all areas of development (cognitive, language, physical social and emotional.) Educators ensure all children have adequate time and space in which they need to explore their world.

One-year old’s need to explore and discover new things about themselves and their environment. They begin to walk, try to talk, are learning to listen, climbing, investigating and developing fine motor skills. One’s year olds are very busy and are for ever learning and gain knowledge.  

Educators in this room recognise the importance and need for patience empathy and firmness. They will provide a variety of experiences to help children gain an understanding of how to express themselves in appropriate ways while gaining their social skills with others.

Our programs include a variety of stimulating activities, small group interactions, quiet time, free-play, independent exploration. With our dedicated educators on board, your child will be surrounded with encouragement to further develop their self-confidence in a safe and secure environment.