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Panania Child Care

Discoverers Room (2-3 years)

Our 2-3 year old children are described as the ‘Discoverers’ who are little people with a world of discovery ahead of them. We as professionals will guide the Discoverers through fundamental skills, such as talking, identifying letters, words, colours, shapes and more. We encourage the Discoverers to explore their environment, as they build skills to share, cooperate, enhance their social and emotional well-being, foster positive self-esteem, and develop a sense of gratitude for the world they live in. Children are more likely to learn when they feel safe and comfortable, therefore we seek to provide a safe, positive and natural learning environment.

We are caring qualified professionals, with the ability to identify teachable and learning moments. The child‘s imagination and sense of wonder is fostered, through stories, songs, creative play, interaction with nature and involvement in everyday activity. 

We seek to provide the best care for our Discoverers, creating memorable moments through their journey in the Discoverers Room.