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Panania Child Care

Our Team

PCCC have an exceptional team of educators who are highly qualified, experienced and

Dedicated to early childhood education.Our Director, Kara Confoy has been in the early childhood field for over 25 years and brings a wealth of knowledge, leadership skills and experience. Many of the educators have also been in the field for over 10 years.

Our team have the following qualifications; 2 Early Childhood Teachers, 4 Diplomas, 2 Certificate III, 1 working towards Diploma, 1 working towards Early Childhood Teacher.

Our educators play a significant role in the lives of the children that attend the centre, their families and the community we work in.

 Our team of educators are dedicated and passionate about working alongside children in providing loving connective care where children are inspired and develop a sense of wonder in their world, assisting them with lifelong skills to build a sense of belonging and security.

Panania Child Care educators engage in regular professional learning experiences to further develop their knowledge and skills.

Miss Rebecca

“Young children fascinate me. Children have whimsical and unique perspective on life. They are honest, determined, find the awesome in the ordinary, they see potentials and are unworried by the impossible.”

Miss Leanne

“I believe there is truly nothing better than working with children. Their fun, curious and creative little minds remind us of all the small important things in life. They remind us to have fun and to play which is the first and most important part of children's development.”

Miss Tiarna

“Throughout high school my goal was to always finish and work in child care. This goal was achieved as I began working in this beautiful environment”

Miss Louise

“Working with children is my number one passion. I love watching children learn and grow. There is absolutely nothing else that I  would rather be doing. My intention is to become the best child educator I could possibly be.”

Miss Lesley

“I love working in childcare as it is so rewarding. Watching the children grow, learn and have fun through our teaching and play experiences is such a pleasure.”

Miss Sarah

“Working with children has always been my dream. Working with kids has made me a positive person and positive educator”



“My passion is working alongside young children and watching them learn and grow in their own unique ways.

I feel privileged to be providing a loving and nurturing environment where children feel a sense of belonging and connection and relationships are formed.

It’s what I love doing and wouldn’t have it any other way!”


Assistant Director

“Working in childcare brings great happiness to my life. Watching them grow is just a bonus which gives me great pleasure to reflect on the assistance I gave those children to become who they have become today. Being in childcare is where I want to be, and love being!”


Educational Leader

“ I have been in Childcare for 16 years now and have enjoyed being a part of children’s learning and development. I feel passionate about giving children the life skills they need to become little adults in the future. ”