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Panania Child Care

Inventors Room (3-5 years)

Our 3-5yr room aims to provide continuous opportunities for children to develop skills that prepare them for the school environment. The educational program reflects children’s ever-changing interest and incorporates meaningful engagement with passionate educators offering endless experiences that allow children to develop life skills, independence, social emotional growth, resilience and problem-solving skills.

Our play-based emergent style curriculum allows for open ended learning opportunities valuing all children’s sense of agency and encourages parent, family and community input. We engage with the wider local community on a regular basis through incursions and excursions giving the children a rich source information relating to the world they live in. Some of these include, local nursing homes, schools, shops, library and emergency services visiting, along with cultural incursions that offer a diverse learning environment.

The childcare environment can be a very busy and stimulating place and to balance this we offer children many opportunities for relaxation, mindfulness and guided meditation. This is incorporated in a spontaneous way across the centre and the benefits are truly amazing meeting the needs of the children in a holistic way. Engaging in these experiences allows for a calm and relaxed learning environment.

Our outdoor environment is rich with gardens and natural materials that the children can use to support their play ideas and experiences. Sustainable practices are valued in the room and the children take part in these practices on a daily basis.  Some of these include, recycling, garden maintenance and growing vegetables and herbs to use for cooking, composting, worm farms and general paper recycling.

School Preparation

In the Inventors room we are dedicated to giving your children the best opportunity to learn the life skills needed before entering their journey to big school.  Our educational programs offer a rich environment that allows for repetitions and spontaneous literacy experiences, group time and transitions that incorporate name recognition, letter recognition, numeracy and language skills. Our understanding for social emotional development, building relationships, independence and self confidence is a crucial part of educators focus on a daily basis. These skills empower children to become confident and involved learners within the environment allowing them to adapt to new experiences and settings gaining a strong sense of self.

The Inventors room runs a “School Readiness Program” in collaboration with the Tower Street Public School that allows the children to visit the school and become familiar with the school environment, this is a valuable time for children before entering school and assists with their understanding of school expectations bringing the transition gap closer.

On top of this program we also run a “Leadership and Literacy Program” that involves year 5 and 6 children from Tower Street Public School visiting to engage the children in small and valuable literacy groups. Children break up into small groups and use the outdoor environment to read books that the school children have chosen.